VClub introduces our Rewards Program for our Valued Members

We have created 5 tiers for members, all inspired by Large Format Wine Classifications. We all start with Classic Status, and then progress to Magnum, Jeroboam, Methuselah and Salmanazar. The system is simple, with no hidden clauses, just genuine value and benefits that are exclusive to our Members.

To Activate your Rewards, simply sign In to your Account.


For any member finishing the calendar year on Magnum, Jeroboam, Methuselah or Salmanazar, we will be sending you a Complimentary Bottle in that size for you to enjoy.

VClub Rewards Tiers based on V Tokens Earned

  • Classic - 1 V Token
  • Magnum - 20,000 V Tokens
  • Jeroboam - 40,000 V Tokens
  • Methuselah - 70,000 V Tokens
  • Salmanazar - 100,000 V Tokens

How to Earn V Tokens

  • You will earn 10 V Tokens for every $1 spent with VClub
  • You will earn 10 V Tokens for every $1 spent on Vergelegen at our partner Restaurants and Clubs.
  • By referring a friend to VClub you will earn 1,000 V Tokens per new member (To make it even more fun, we giving $50 Vouchers, for you to give to your Friends and Family to redeem online). Simply click on the Reward Friends link on the App and follow prompts. Copy link and send to friends via Text or Email. 

How to Redeem V Tokens

  • Cash in V Tokens on the App for complimentary products on your next purchase.

Exclusive Rewards for each Tier

  • Classic - V Tokens can be redeemed for complimentary product. You get early notification on new releases and guaranteed access to an annual allocation of the previous years purchases.
  • Magnum - As above, plus complimentary Magnum Bottle as a Gift from VClub, VIP benefits when visiting the Vineyard, and free cold storage on all Vergelegen Wine purchases. 
  • Jeroboam - As above, except complimentary Jeroboam Bottle as a Gift from VClub, and early access to limited edition releases.
  • Methuselah - As above, except complimentary Methuselah Bottle as a Gift from VClub, and access to an invited dinner with the Wine Maker.
  • Salmanazar - As above, except complimentary Salmanazar Bottle as a Gift from VClub, and Private Dinner for 8 guests of your choice hosted by a VClub Chef.

Once logged into your account you will be able to access the VClub Rewards link, in the bottom left corner of your screen. (Functionality is improved on a computer vs a phone display). 

Please note that for the VClub Rewards Status it will accumulate over a period from September 1, 2021 till December 31, 2022. And each year resets to zero on January 1st. Status will be determined by a total of all V Tokens earned over the period. 

Separately, the V Tokens you earn, can be redeemed for Rewards whenever you like, with no bearing on your annual Status, and unredeemed V Tokens do not expire.   

Please feel free to text or call 2034516096, or email rewards@vclubwine.com should you need assistance with navigating the Rewards program. 


Disclaimer: Please note that the VClub Rewards program is subject to changes at any point in time and will continually be updated with the aim of consistently improving the experience.  


Here is a step by step guide illustrating how you can redeem your rewards

1) Sign into your Account Profile
2) Add Email and Password
3) Sign In
4) Click on REWARDS Icon

5) Review your V Tokens Balance
6) Select "Redeem V Tokens"

7) Select the Item/items you want to Redeem (Please note if you do not have enough V Tokens for an item, it will be in Light Gray, and you wont be able to select it)

8) Add the item you selected to your cart, add whatever else you wish to purchase, then select "View Cart"

9) View Your Cart to ensure all items are added, then proceed to checkout

10) At Checkout, you will see that the item paid for with V Tokens, will be marked as FREE. At this point you would also be able to have copied and pasted the V Token Code into the "Gift Card or Discount code" field.

Thank you for supporting VClub.

Please call or text Eugene on 2034516096 if you need any assistance.