Earn VClub Rewards at your Favorite Restaurant

Earn VClub Rewards at your Favorite Restaurant

We want to Reward our Members the same way for supporting VClub through Restaurants, as we do through online purchases. So next time you order Vergelegen or Rocky Lands at your favorite Restaurant, be sure to log it with VClub Rewards. Its really easy. 

Step 1: Select Tasting Notes & Pairings on the Navigation Menu
Step 2: Select "Click here" for VClub Restaurant Rewards Form 

VClub Restaurant rewards

Step 3: Fill in the form
Step 4: Add a Clear Photo of the Restaurant Bill, showing the Restaurant Name & Vergelegen or Rocky Lands Wine Purchased
Step 5: Hit Submit 
Step 6: Enjoy the benefits of VClub Rewards

VClub Restaurant Rewards

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